Eldad means: He is an amazing man. He will only hold on to one woman, which is a shame. He can be irritating at times, but he’s a smooth speaker and persuasive. He won’t lie. You will be captivated by his eyes and smile. It’s easy to get swept up in their charms, but it can be difficult to accept if you are a hard cookie. Hispanics are usually of the Latin race. They have a large, loving family with a big heart. He will only choose one girl, and she most likely already has by the time he reaches 16 years old. This man is best suited for virgos because they are compatible. His loved one may not be as young as he seems, but that isn’t necessarily a problem. Vick and Vick are the most common nick names. Vic does not usually get his full name, unless there is a very serious issue. He is a well-known man and is definitely a hearthrob, but be careful. Although he has a lot of experience, he enjoys the challenge. He is always pursued by his ex-girlfriends, but he still goes to the same girl even though she is not his ex. He can be irritable so don’t get too excited.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Albert Aguilar)