eLDA means: Bradly said that big balls and a torn axle are the same thing. (in Open Dictionary, added by Taylor Ramos)

What else does eLDA mean?

Bradley said that big balls were torn at the ankle. (in Open Dictionary, added by Passel)

Elda, the greatest person you will ever meet. Elda is an incredible friend who will never leave your side. Her sense of humor and unsurpassed beauty make her unique. (in Open Dictionary, added by Roger Lowe)

This is a short, loud girl. (in Open Dictionary, added by Finnegan Rogers)

Elda, despite her being mean-spirited at times, is the most kind girl on the planet. Elda is genuinely caring about other people and will always be there to help you. Her beauty is unmatched. She’s smart, independent and intelligent. She’s a friend, lover and best friend. Everybody falls in love with elda when they first meet her. (in Open Dictionary, added by Taliyah Leblanc)

The human version of the Heavenly Angel. These traits were admirable and included an unswerving kindness to everyone, a warm, caring disposition, and complete humility and modesty that almost all women with such amazing beauty lack. It sounds like the ideal girl. That is why I got married to her battle- ELDA. (in Open Dictionary, added by Alexandra Mcmillan)