Elba means: Abbreviation for El bajonazo, a spanish term meaning “emotional decline”. It is commonly used by users of spanish Twitter and others. (in Open Dictionary, added by Brynlee Barry)

What else does Elba mean?

This is the last page of your iPad/iPhone where you can delete all exiled apps or force yourself to delete. (in Open Dictionary, added by Subtle)

She is one of the most stunning women on the planet. This woman is rare. You will love this woman. This woman is beautiful and intelligent. She is protective of her emotions but her walls are only going to crumble when she meets the true Savior of her soul. The one who rescues her from an unhappy life of lust, anger and insecure love. She is very seductive when it comes getting what she desires. She is the kind of woman mankind has never seen before. Don’t be deceived, this woman doesn’t need another man. Do not believe that this woman isn’t the one. (in Open Dictionary, added by Stacy Hampton)

A beautiful, beautiful godess all greek men loved. Her beauty was such that she is the name of a greek island. (in Open Dictionary, added by Ángeles Núñez)