Elayna means: You are the most humble person that you can meet. It is not loud. Very quiet, introverted. (in Open Dictionary, added by Paradiastole)

What else does Elayna mean?

A strange person. (in Open Dictionary, added by Balduino Muñoz)

Name for a girl named: 1. is an incredible friend 2. Is slightly emo, but in a positive way 3. Is a wannabe cool, but in real life is a geek. 4. Is pretty darn smart 5. Too many worries 6. Is very informative 7. likes pie. Lamps. (in Open Dictionary, added by Bria Zavala)

Elaynas are some of the most beautiful, amazing girls you will ever meet. Elayna will become a great friend and girlfriend once you’ve had her in your life. Because she is so funny, anyone can laugh at her. She is also sweet, understanding and a great source of advice. If you have an Elayna, be thankful. (in Open Dictionary, added by Boston Blake)