Elayah means: Elayah is one of the most gorgeous girls you’ll ever see. Elayah enjoys drama but is also a great friend to have a good time. She also has a very hot mother and is jealous when it’s mentioned. Tiny, but she has a temper. (in Open Dictionary, added by India Berry)

What else does Elayah mean?

She is an incredible girl. She is unique. You’ll find her to be a great friend and a fine person. She is always available to help you and offer advice if you have any problems. You can’t go wrong with her. She is funny and an amazing person. (in Open Dictionary, added by Wayne Bird)

Cool, intelligent, attractive, and possibly even gay, she’s a great choice. She is also very attractive in real life and will probably convince you to do almost anything. (in Open Dictionary, added by Yasmine Atkins)