Elan School-Poland Springs, Me. means: Elan School: LIES

Elan isn’t here to make an unruly child a good child. He wants to help them become responsible adults.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Immanuel Bird)

What else does Elan School-Poland Springs, Me. mean?

Poland Springs is a for-profit program that rehabilitates youth in Maine. It’s designed to encourage its own continuation while at the sametime working, protecting, punishing and guarding its wards.

The residents are kept in an exhausting work environment and starved for food. Elan has documented the former as a “therapeutic tool”.

This program is only possible because of a complete monopoly on communication between the child and the outside. The Maine Department of Education cannot make any visits to schools without 24 hour notice.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Avery Fritz)