Elaine means: A person who is mostly popular, plays with friends and has a great smile. (in Open Dictionary, added by Carolina Harrison)

What else does Elaine mean?

Elaine is one of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. She is also a wonderful sister. A friend and great listener, who is always there to help you. (in Open Dictionary, added by Brody Cuevas)

Elaine is a strong independent woman with a big heart. Elaine will be there to support you through your toughest times and your greatest moments. She’s strong and beautiful. You need to remind Elaine that she doesn’t always think she’s beautiful. You can win Elaine’s love and keep her there. (in Open Dictionary, added by Makena Barron)

A beautiful sweet lady. She is kind and caring to everyone she meets, but can also be independent if necessary. She is morally inclined, but she does not judge. People who help others in their most difficult times. Can deal with suffering and pain better than most. (in Open Dictionary, added by Ellie Chan)

You will be able to meet one of the most extraordinary people. Elaine is a sweet, caring person who has a great sense of humor. Normaly fair skin with light complexion. Her beauty is amazing. Her charm is both charming and loving, but she’s also very sexy. If you find yourself dating Elaine, it’s a good thing. (in Open Dictionary, added by Ignacio Gallego)

This is the most beautiful woman to ever walk this earth. She’s so sensual and understanding. The best human being in the entire world. She is my best friend. (in Open Dictionary, added by Sullivan Mcfarland)

Elaine is beautiful. Elaine enjoys spending time with her friends and playing sports. She’s intelligent, kind and beautiful. Semi-popular, she has a good sense of humor. (in Open Dictionary, added by Bria Zavala)

Elaine is full of mystery. Elaine is usually a person with dark hair. You will be rewarded with loyalty and affection if you keep her around for the rest of your life. Elaine has a reputation for being frank and expressing strong opinions. (in Open Dictionary, added by Phillip Mullins)