elain means: Elain is a goddess she is beautiful she is unique and brave in her own way. She can sometimes be stubborn, but she loves to laugh.
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What else does elain mean?

She is a very kind, generous and caring person. They are beautiful and smart. You can count on Elain to brighten your day if you have a need. Elain, a curly-haired dark-haired girl is often the most important person in your life. Elain is not only one of the funniest people you will ever meet, but she’s also an adventurous and outgoing individual. You won’t find a better personality than hers.
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You may think of Elain as a foreign-flower name. Elain can be a very random girl to meet. She will talk to you about anything and everything, but you cannot say she is fake …… Elain is your second mother, and she takes things into her own hands. Although she might be a frequent user of the term “concern”, it is one of her trademark traits that distinguishes her from other people. She is attractive, has great body and is a delight to be around ,,,,,. Don’t forget to ask her about her day. She is also a Chinese girl.
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