Ela means: Ijekiel’s wife. (in Open Dictionary, added by Epifanía Giménez)

What else does Ela mean?

Sporty girls are often associated with swimming. She is usually brown-haired and has hazel eyes. She is often tall. Although she isn’t caring all the time, she can care when she feels like it. You will get to know an ela for many years if you are good friends with her. You can be her best friend. Keep her company, even when she does something that she didn’t intend. (in Open Dictionary, added by Austin Walter)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige – A thicc operator with a booty that you won’t want to eat. (in Open Dictionary, added by Finn Mccall)

Name for Ela, who is funny and outcast but also a happy, optimistic emo. Ela is one the most coolest people you’ll ever meet. Don’t miss this opportunity. (in Open Dictionary, added by Matthew Roberts)

Beautiful girl with many friends who will be always there for her. You will never forget her. She’s happy and joyful. (in Open Dictionary, added by FulbrighHent)

One of the most beautiful women I have ever met. She is also an adorable angel, also called bacon. A The most beautiful person or a true goddess C The most intelligent and exceptional person Super kind, super cute and super friend. E Most amazing person You can also pervert F (in Open Dictionary, added by Pablo Mckenzie)

Ela is an amazing person who is well-known for being surrounded by caring and wonderful friends. She has an unwavering heart. She will make anyone who passes her jaw drop at her beautiful beauty. (in Open Dictionary, added by Carmelo Parra)