el means: Greg and Olive are Olive’s motherma. She is my lomi, my adorablesie roll, my future spouse, and the most beautiful girl in the universe. 1510 personality, 1510 beauty. (in Open Dictionary, added by Inés Montero)

What else does el mean?

  • She is a strong girl and has a wonderful personality. However, if she gets upset, she will become your enemy or friendenemy. Also, she will be your perfect girlfriend and be there to support you. Person 1. Person 2 She’s super hot Person 3. I wish she could be my girl Person 4 Wow she is Thick AF Person 5 Boobies and a Butt. She’s as fine and sensual as ever. (in Open Dictionary, added by Procrypsis)
  • You meant… The smartest and most beautiful girl in all of the world. (in Open Dictionary, added by Caitlin Mercer)
  • This is a very non-binary name. However, this gal, guy or pal can be very shy when meeting new people. But they’re happy and friendly once they get to know you. He is often browsing Tumblr in search of fluffy, gay fanfics such as Klance and Stucky. Sometimes puts others first and can easily get depressed. They are an amazing person, who can be trusted to offer support and a listening ear to their friends. 3. (in Open Dictionary, added by Tianna Mcpherson)
  • In mock Spanish, any noun can be used as a predicate. (in Open Dictionary, added by Lucian Morales)
  • Spanish translation of the word. Senora Oditt students often add the word to an english sentence. (in Open Dictionary, added by Makenna Armstrong)
  • A archaic name of God. Although it means “the One”, approximately is always understood as referring to God. Appears in different forms, including, El Elyon God Most High, El Shaddai God Almighty, etc. (in Open Dictionary, added by Kaylyn Tapia)
  • It stands for Easy Life. It can be used in any type of speech. You can enjoy your life without worrying about anything. This also means following the least-invasive path or simply being lazy. (in Open Dictionary, added by Beltrán Flores)
  • Chicago’s mass transit system. You can use it both as a subway or elevated train. The best train system in America. (in Open Dictionary, added by Matías Fuentes)
  • As indicated, a blunt..But specifically rolled using the wrapper from an El Producto store-bought cigar. (in Open Dictionary, added by Darian Simon)
  • Might, strength. It is used in Hebrew and other languages to denote “the divine being.” Perhaps the most well-known use of El is Elohim. This plural signifies the “omnipotent” or the “almighty”, a name that can be applied to the Father. (in Bible Dictionary)