El Dgalado means: El dgalado, which means “greatest amougst of all”, is now used to refer to the “goat”.

The male name El Dgalado can be used as a nickname. It is often used for a male name. This name describes a wide-eyed, bright, courageous, charismatic and cheerful male.

This name may not be very popular, but it is highly blessed. He is endowed with supernatural intelligence and has received God’s favour and grace.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Adonis Saunders)

What else does El Dgalado mean?

The spanishitalian nickname El Dgalado comes from Lamborghini Garllado, an italian car. It resembles a bold, brave, strong, intense, and unique character. This name’s original meaning is the greatest.

The El Galado character is a leader who achieves his goals regardless of the circumstances.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Aedan Weaver)