E-Laugh Scale means: E-Laugh Scale allows you to compare what people write in e-mailstext as “laughing” and what their actual actions are while they’re typing it. This scale is a result of scientific research that was based on people typing in some laughing abbreviations via the internet. Here’s the E-Laugh Scale:

1 – Haha! – Sitting there, staring at the screen. This is to tell the other person that they are proud of their story.

2 – LOL – sitting at the computer, saying that the other person believes what they said can be taken as funny but not actually find it funny.

3 – Lmao, lmfao. This is because they think the words of the other person are a bit funny and put on a tiny and noticable smile.

4. LOL LMAO LMFAO – The person reads the message over and again, making sure it’s correct. Finally, he smiles big because he found it a bit more amusing.

5 – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – The person examines the message, thinks it’s funny and starts to have a quiet, small laugh because he found the exchange just plain funny.

Six – LOLOLOLOLL – The person who thinks that the message is quite funny and makes a short, loud laugh.

7 – The combination of 5, 6, and 4 – When the recipient finds the message very funny and begins to have a lot of fun, he or she will say it seven times.
(in Open Dictionary, added by Macey Cannon)