dynamite charge means: “Members, the jury has reported that they were unable to come up with a unanimous verdict on this case. You have my permission to add a few thoughts. (in Legal Dictionary)

What else does dynamite charge mean?

  • Jurors have the duty of discussing and deliberating together in order to arrive at a consensus verdict. However, each juror must exercise their individual judgement and be honest about it. You each must make the decision for your case, but you should do so only after considering the evidence objectively together with other jurors. You should be open to changing your mind if necessary. However, you should not change your honest beliefs about the weight and effect of evidence simply because other jurors have expressed their opinions or to return a verdict. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • The third-degree or allen charges, also known as nitroglycerin and shotgun charges, refers to instructions to the jury to reach a consensus on a verdict. Some claim that dynamite charges overreach and pressure jurors to agree on a verdict. This is especially true for minority views. Many states prohibit dynamite, however, Federal courts can use them. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • This is an example from the Ninth Circuit of a model-dynamite charging: (in Legal Dictionary)
  • You are also reminded that you must consider all of the instructions I have provided in your discussions. It is important to not ignore any portion of an instruction. All are equally vital. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • “I ask you to now go back into the jury room with these comments in your mind. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • This isn’t meant to pressure or rush you into deciding on a verdict. You can take as long as necessary to talk about the matter. You don’t have to rush. (in Legal Dictionary)