Dove, sign of means in the bible: John the Baptist had a prearranged method by which he would recognise the Messiah when he was baptized. John 1:32–34. The sign of the Dove, which was established before the creation, is a testimony for the Holy Ghost. A sign that a dove cannot be seen by the Devil. HC 526. John was presented with the sign of a Dove to indicate the truthfulness of his deed. The dove symbol is an emblem of innocence and truth. Refer to 1 Ne. 11:27; 2 Ne. 31:8. DC 93.15; Abr. 2, fig. 7. Although we often associate the sign of a dove with John, we can see that Abraham was also shown it. It is possible that the sign of the dove has been made similarly known to prophets at times since Adam’s time.
(in Bible Dictionary)