dough means: Mixture of liquids and flour, which may include other ingredients. It is large enough to handle, shape, or knead. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does dough mean?

  • Mixture of shortening or oil, flour, liquid and other ingredients. It retains its form when laid on a flat surface. However, it may alter in shape after baking, such as cookies and breads. (in Cooking Dictionary)
  • A mixture of four liquid ingredients and a leavening agent like eggs or yeast makes dough. Dough can be stiff, but flexible. There is a primary difference in batter and dough. Dough must be formed by hand and is more thicker. Batter can also be spooned out or poured semi-liquidly. (in Cooking Dictionary)
  • Soft, thick, mixture of dry ingredients such as flour and meal and liquids such as water that’s kneaded and shaped before being baked. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • This mixture is a pasty mass. (in Merlin Dictionary)