dominant means: Exercising maximum power, control or influence. (in Merlin Dictionary)

What else does dominant mean?

  • Predominant; most abundant, conspicuous. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Tend to outperform its counterpart, or be used in urgent situations or for important tasks. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • A heterozygote is an allele which produces the same effect as homozygotes. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • A species which is the most distinctive of an ecosystem and determines its abundance, type, and presence. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Referring to the fifth tone in a diatonic score. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • An allele dominant or a trait that is produced by an allele dominant. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • One dominant species. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Fifth tone in a diatonic range. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • A person who is the dominant or in control of the wordsubmissiveword partners. The dominant person can either be a Mistress, Master or a complete-time mistress. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Irrased)
  • Being influential and having power. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Charlie Willis)
  • I’m a dominant woman. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Fisher Jacobson)
  • It is when something great happens. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Johnny Snow)
  • A strong desire to control others without considering their feelings. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Gonzalo Román)
  • Dominic is my best friend. Dominic is simply the best. He is going to become your best friend. You would be proud to call him your whole family. Dominic can talk about any topic. They’re FUNNY AS HELL. Suportive. Always there to help you. He won’t, and will not take ******** in exchange for an exuse. You could have a long-lasting friendship with him. You will be a complete mess if you become a dominic mad. He will always stand for the things he believes. You might find him to be the funniest and most serious person that you will ever meet. You will be blessed to have him as your friend. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Celia Cambil)