dim sum means: A variety of Chinese small-sized dishes that can be used as snacks or lunch. There are many options for fried or steamed dumplings as well as other sweet and savory dishes. This Chinese way of eating is known as “Heart’s Delight”. Dim sum was originally a Cantonese term for small meals served in teahouses. This involved food being carried to the table in a tray or cart. After the food was brought to the table, customers would choose what they wanted. The customer would then choose the items they wanted. This service was typically for daytime meals. There were sweet and savory options. You could find items such as spring rolls, spareribs, pastries and steamed buns. Dim sum can also be used as a Chinese-style appetizer, snack or dessert. Dim sum is also used to describe steamed or fried dumplings. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does dim sum mean?

Traditional Chinese food that serves small amounts of various foods in succession, such as a selection of fried or steamed dumplings. (in Merlin Dictionary)