Deuteronomy means in the bible: It is a word that means “repetition the law.” This book includes the last three discourses Moses gave in Moab’s plains just before his death. Deut contains the first discourse. The first discourse is Deut. Second discourse, Deut. The second discourse, Deut. 5-26 is composed of two parts. 1-5-11 are the Ten Commandments, and an exposition. 2-12 26 are a code or laws that forms the core of the entire book. First, the first set of laws deals in ritual religion. It begins with an order to remove all idolatrous worship objects from Canaan. Only one place is allowed for Jehovah worship. Next, we have special rules regarding food and tithe and instances of false worship. Next, we will find instructions about firstlings and the law on debt. Finally, there is a calendar with festivals. Next, we have the law of debt. The last one regulates social and private rights. Third discourse, Deut. 27-30 is a solemn renewing of the covenant, and an announcement about the blessings and curses for disobedience. In Deut. 31-34 We have an account about the Law being delivered to the Levites and Moses’ last song and blessing as well as the Exit of Moses.
(in Bible Dictionary)