date means: A palm tree’s fruit is a tropical plant that grows in the Mediterranean. The fruit is usually oval-shaped with a thin skin, extremely sweet flesh and chewy texture. You can either eat dates fresh or dried. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does date mean?

This staple is a brown oval-shaped one from the east Mediterranean and west Asia. Deglet Noor, a dried, good brand, is intensely sweet. You can find fresh dates more often. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Time is expressed in terms of day, month and year. (in Merlin Dictionary)

As in a document, a statement about calendar time. (in Merlin Dictionary)

An event or time period at which something occurred, existed or is likely to occur. (in Merlin Dictionary)

These are the years between someone’s death and their birth. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Duration is the time that something remains in existence; (in Merlin Dictionary)

A time period or historic period in which an item belongs. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Make an appointment synonym : engagement . (in Merlin Dictionary)

A social engagement is when you go out with someone, usually out of romance interest. (in Merlin Dictionary)

On such an excursion, one’s companion is important. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Engagement for a Performance (in Merlin Dictionary)

A date is a mark that you supply or make. (in Merlin Dictionary)

For the exact date,. (in Merlin Dictionary)