currant means: When fresh, tiny, tart grape-like berries can be reddish, black or white. Dried currants are used in more recipes. These are actually dried zante grapes which, although they have no seeds, can be substituted for currants. Dried currants can be used to make baked goods. In a pinch, may be substituted with raisins (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does currant mean?

One of many deciduous and spineless shrubs in the genus Ribes, Native to the Northern Hemisphere, with flowers that are racemes, edible black or white berries, and native to northern hemisphere. (in Merlin Dictionary)

You can use the fruits of these plants to make jams, jelly, desserts or other beverages. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Small, seedless raisins from the Mediterranean Region. They are used primarily in baking. (in Merlin Dictionary)

One of many other plants, or one of their fruits. (in Merlin Dictionary)