cumin means: Sometimes called comino, it is often referred to as a Spanish-language name; it was introduced to Americas by Spanish and Portuguese settlers. The seeds come from a plant of the carrot family. They are crescent-shaped and look like fuzzy caraway seeds. Cumin goes well with slow-cooked Southwest flavors and dried chiles. Some recipes require the entire seeds. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does cumin mean?

Spice is the dried seed from a member of the Parsley family Cuminum Cyminum. It’s a spice. The small, crescent-shaped seeds are native to North Africa and the Middle East. They can be ground or used whole in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mexican dishes. (in Cooking Dictionary)

An annual Mediterranean herb (Cuminum cyminum) Parsley leaves are finely divided and have clusters of pink or white flowers. (in Merlin Dictionary)

This plant’s seed-like fruits are used in seasoning such as chili powders and curry. (in Merlin Dictionary)