covenant marriage means: An agreement between the spouses in a marriage, in which they agree to follow certain guidelines. This includes counseling prior to separation and limiting the grounds that can lead to divorce. (in Merlin Dictionary)

What else does covenant marriage mean?

  • Covenant marriages are agreements where spouses promise that the marriage they have will continue for their entire lives. It does allow for divorce, but only in certain situations. These limited circumstances include one spouse who has committed adultery and two spouses who have been accused of sexual or physical abuse of their children or spouses, three spouses who have committed a crime, four spouses using illegal substances, five spouses that live apart for more than one year. Pre-marital counseling will be provided to the spouses before they get married, and marital counseling for those who are contemplating divorce. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • Only three states recognize covenant marriages: Arkansas, Louisiana, and Arizona. They are typically entered into to fulfill religious purposes. (in Legal Dictionary)