court reporter means: Stenographer is a person who records and transcribes the verbatim of court proceedings. (in Merlin Dictionary)

What else does court reporter mean?

  • Court reporters are court personnel that document live testimony in court proceedings such as trials, hearings and depositions. Transcribing the live testimony verbatim is done. After the live testimony is transcribed, the reporter prepares a transcript of the court proceedings. This transcript can be viewed by the judge as well as the attorneys. In preparation for trial, attorneys can access deposition transcripts. Attorneys can use deposition transcripts to prepare for trial if their client wants to appeal. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • To transcribe the court proceedings testimony, court reporters employ tools like stenography or voice writing. Court reporters can use stenotype machines to write words faster than normal. They are able to enter syllables rather than letters. Voice writing is where the court reporter records testimony and then prints a transcript. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • Court recorders, on the other hand, use audio equipment to record court proceedings. The court recorder then sends the audio tape to a transcriptionist, who can review the tapes and create a transcript. If the background noise, such as coughing or door closings, causes audio to not capture words properly this can cause problems. (in Legal Dictionary)