corned beef means: Brinked beef is usually made from the brisket. If you are given the option, choose the flank cut over the point. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does corned beef mean?

Beef is usually cut from the round or brisket and then cured in a brine. It has a greyish-pink color to rosy pink color, with a salty taste; it’s also called salt beef. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Beef round or beef brisket is cured in a brine. The old-fashioned style of corned beef was grayish:pink in color and very salty. However, the modern version is brighter reddish with less salt. Today, most corned beef is not contaminated with nitrites which are a known carcinogen. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Beef is usually round, brisket or rump and it’s seasoned with spices before being cured in brine. (in Merlin Dictionary)