confit means: Slowly cook meat pieces in their own lightly rendered fat. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does confit mean?

It is used to preserve meat for prolonged periods when it would otherwise be difficult to find fresh. To remove any moisture, the meat must first be salted. The meat is cooked on the lowest heat, covered with fat until it becomes buttery tender. To keep the meat from being exposed to the air, cool it in crocks. To help the meat age, it is kept in its entirety. The meat acquires a completely new taste and texture as a result of the aging process. The meat can be grilled or pan fried until it is ready for consumption. Once, duck confit was served with confit potatoes. Although this practice is no longer popular, lentils and bitter green salads are good accompaniments for duck confit. They balance out the richness of its meat. Confit is best for fattier meats like pork, duck and goose. Cassoulet is incomplete without confit. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Sauteed meats, like ducks, which have been cooked in their own fat and kept warm. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Condiment made from cooking seasonings of vegetables or fruits, often to a jam-like consistency. (in Merlin Dictionary)