computer means: The motherboard, CPU and memory (or RAM) are the most important parts of any personal computer. Personal computers are the most popular type of computer today. However, there are many other kinds of computers. A “minicomputer”, for example, is a computer with a high level of computing power that can handle many people at the same time. The “mainframe”, a powerful computer capable of performing billions upon millions of calculations simultaneously from many sources, is called a mainframe. A “supercomputer”, which can run billions upon millions of calculations per second, is the ultimate machine for complex computations. (in Computer Dictionary)

What else does computer mean?

  • A computer can be described as a programable machine. It can respond to instructions it receives and execute a pre-programmed set of instructions. The term “computer” is used most commonly to describe the laptop and desktop computers most people use today. The term computer, when used to refer to desktop models, is technically the computer, not its monitor and keyboard. It is still acceptable to call everything the computer. The “system unit” is the name given to the container that houses the computer. “. (in Computer Dictionary)
  • Device that calculates. Especially a computer that can perform high-speed mathematical and logical operations, as well as assembles or stores information. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • This device can be used in conjunction with other peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse, or a monitor. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • A person who can compute. (in Merlin Dictionary)