collective mark means: A service or trademark that is used to identify a cooperative, association or other collective organisation. (in Merlin Dictionary)

What else does collective mark mean?

  • Collective marks are trademarks that can be protected by the Lanham Act. See 15 U.S.C. SS 1127. The Lanham Act includes two distinct types of collective marks: collective marks as well collective membership marks. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • One type of trademark that is used by members in a group, association or other organization to identify membership and/or distinguish goods and services between members and non-members. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • Collective Marks: This term refers to both service and trademark marks. A “collective” is defined by the Lanham Act as an association, cooperative or other group of collective members; unions and fraternal organizations are also considered collectives. Only members can use the mark that a collective has adopted. 15 U.S.C. SS 1127. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • Collective Membership Marks: This is the second kind of mark that the Lanham Act recognizes as a collective trademark. Collective Membership Marks: The only mark protected by the Lanham Act is the collective membership mark. It isn’t used in commerce to differentiate the origin or source of goods and services. Instead, it serves to identify the individual who is using the mark to be a member. (in Legal Dictionary)
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  • A collective’s members use their mark to distinguish themselves from non-members and identify the goods and services they offer. Although the collective does not sell goods or services, it may promote or advertise goods and services that bear its mark. A collective that offers goods or services using the mark isn’t considered to be a collective. It is an individual trademark and is only valid for those goods or services. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • The mark cannot be used by all members to indicate membership. To support the registration of a collective member mark, it must be used on all items, such as wall plaques and personal rings, or membership cards. Federal registration does not support the use of the mark for personal or occasional use or on items that are only available to one member or group. (in Legal Dictionary)