cod means: There are many types of saltwater fish in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Whiting family, such as pollock, haddock and whiting. They have milky, mild flavors, firm textures, and can be purchased fresh or sun-dried. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does cod mean?

Commonly sold in skinless fillets. This mild-tasting and snow-white fish is lean with large flakes. There are many substitutes for cod, including hake and pollock. Not a distinct species, scrod can be used as a term of trade for cod. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Popular lean and firm white fish that comes from both the North Atlantic and Pacific. The name “Scrod”, which refers to young cod or haddock weighing less than 2.5 pounds, is used for them. The cod is closely related to “Pollock”, “Hake,” “Haddock” and “Hake.” (in Cooking Dictionary)

One of many marine fishes belonging to the Gadidae family, including the Atlantic cod or the haddock. (in Merlin Dictionary)