cocoa powder means: Unsweetened chocolate is a brown powder made by crushing cacao nibs and extracting the majority of the cocoa butter. It can be used to flavor foods. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does cocoa powder mean?

  • This is unsweetened cacao bean powder that has been fermented and dried. It can also be roasted, cracked, and roasted. To extract approximately 75 percent of cocoa butter, the nibs are broken into small pieces. This thick paste is known as chocolate liquor. The cocoa butter is then dried and powdered. The Dutch cocoa was further processed with an alkali in order to reduce the natural acidity. (in Cooking Dictionary)
  • After the cocoa butter is removed, this powder can be dried. The mixture is dried, then ground to a fine powder. Alkali has been used to darken the Dutch process cocoa and give it a more bitter flavor. It contains sugar, milk solids, flavorings, and emulsifiers that aid it in dissolving more quickly. (in Cooking Dictionary)