cholesterol means: Fat alcohol is essential for the human metabolism. A low level of 225 mg/100 cubic centimeters blood volume is considered to be low. 226- 259 milligrams are the mid range. A high level is between 260 and 259 milligrams. It is well known that elevated levels of serum cholesterol may increase the risk of developing heart disease and other vascular diseases. The serum cholesterol level will rise if there is a high intake of saturated fats. The serum level is not affected by polyunsaturated fats. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does cholesterol mean?

  • White crystal substance called C 27 H 45 The liver normally makes OH from animal tissue and food. It is an important constituent of cell membranes as well as a precursor for steroid hormones. Cholesterol can be transported by the bloodstream through different types of lipoproteins. Two of these, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are regularly measured in blood tests. (in Merlin Dictionary)