chayote means: A pear-shaped, West Indian gourd vine that produces a variety of vegetables. Also known as mirliton. Although it tastes similar to cauliflower and potatoes, it is mildly sweet. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does chayote mean?

Also known as mirliton and vegetable pear, and christophine. It is actually a pear-shaped or apple-green squash. The firm flesh has a pale green color. It tastes like a cucumber. This is the same as the gourd. They don’t need to be peeled if they are small. They can be used in Latin American cuisine. Chayote can be prepared raw or as a cooked summer squash. The cho-cho is another name for Chayote. For the best taste, chayotes must be firm and hard. They can be kept for several weeks in a vegetable container. (in Cooking Dictionary)

An American tropical perennial vine (Sechium edule) Tuberous roots, and grown for their green, pear-shaped fruits. (in Merlin Dictionary)

This plant’s fruit can be used as a vegetable. (in Merlin Dictionary)