celtic means: Let’s give Kel-tic a try. Celtic culture was home to many tribes throughout Europe. These people are either an ancient race or their descendants. Some people choose Celtic Paganism and refer to themselves as Celtic. Celtic can also refer to the language or the art, as well as the spirituality. Because they did not know or understand any of their culture, language, spiritual beliefs, and traditions, they were called “the people out of the dark”. They don’t even know where their origins are, it is only from outside of Ireland. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Olivia Navarro)

What else does celtic mean?

  • Many historians and Linguists also believe the Basque peoples of Portugal and northern Spain are Celts, based on their culture, language and music. The Irish sometimes refer to themselves occasionally as “the decendants of Sons of Mil” — who are Spanians. It is very possible that Celts arrived in Greece from Spain via the Celts, and then left behind a tribe. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Subtend)