cc means: Two-character ISO 3166 country codes for COCOS KEEING ISLANDS. (in Stock Market Dictionary)

What else does cc mean?

  • When a message is meant for one person but relevant to others, the “Cc” option is used often in business communication. A retail worker might e-mail another employee to say that he is available for work on a specific day. To let his managers and assistant managers know that he will be working the shift, he might add their e-mail addresses to the “Cc” field. A team member who is working on product design might e mail his boss to get the most recent revisions. He may also “Cc” his teammates to inform them that the email has been sent. (in Computer Dictionary)
  • The acronym stands for “Carbon Copy.” This term is derived from carbon copying. A piece of carbon paper copied writing on one side to the other, which was common when filling in forms. The term has become more common in reference to electronic mail. The recipient’s name is usually entered in the “To” field when you send an email message. To send your message to multiple recipients you can use “Cc” to include additional addresses. The e-mail will be sent to both the address specified in “To:”, and each other address indicated in “Cc:”. (in Computer Dictionary)
  • Yes, “CCing” can be used verbally. It is an easy way to allow others in your e-mail communication. You don’t need to send individual messages to every address. This makes it more efficient. Remember that all recipients will be able to see any other addresses you have sent the email to when Ccing an e-mail. Blind Carbon Copy Bccc is a better option if you wish to conceal additional addresses. (in Computer Dictionary)
  • Send (to someone) a carbon-copy of a document. (in Merlin Dictionary)