caviar means: The elegant appetizer is made with lightly salted fish eggs and sieved. Premium Sturgeon roe, also known as “true caviar”, is a premium product. Beluga, sevruga and osetra are the main caviar types. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does caviar mean?

  • These eggs are cured eggs from sturgeon. The size, color and species of the sturgeon determine the caviar’s grade. Beluga caviar is the most costly of all three kinds of caviar. It has dark grey eggs and the largest. Ossetra caviar is light-medium brown with smaller grains than the beluga. Sevruga is the smallest of the caviar grains and has the most firm texture. They are also grey in color. The softer eggs used to make pressed caviar have stronger flavors and are less fishy. Malossol refers to the amount of salt that was used during the curing. No matter what label they have, roe from salmon or lumpfish is not caviar. These should be referred to as roe. Caviar should always be prepared as quickly as possible. The Russians inspired traditional accompaniments such as sour cream and blinis. Caviar is often served alongside lemon and minced onions, although their flavor will not alter the delicate taste of the caviar. (in Cooking Dictionary)
  • A large, salted fish roe, particularly sturgeon’s, is seasoned and then eaten as a relish or delicacy. (in Merlin Dictionary)