cardinal means: These fish dishes are made from lobster fumet sauces and garnished by lobster meat. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does cardinal mean?

You can choose from deep, dark or vibrant reds. (in Merlin Dictionary)

High-ranking official of the church, just below the pope. He has been elected by the pope to the College of Cardinals. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Red that is dark, deep, or vibrant. (in Merlin Dictionary)

North American bird (Cardinalis cardinalis) A crested head and a thick, short, but not too long, bill. The male has bright, red plumage. (in Merlin Dictionary)

An original scarlet-colored cloak with a short, hooded collar, that was worn by women during the 17th century. (in Merlin Dictionary)

The cardinal number. (in Merlin Dictionary)