caramelize means: Slowly dissolve brown sugar in water. The syrup is then heated until the color turns caramel-brown. Sometimes called caramelized sugar, (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does caramelize mean?

For a stronger flavor, brown the natural sugars and other compounds gently in a foot oven on low heat. Caramelization of aromatic vegetables such as carrots, onions and stew meats is often done in small amounts of fat. Example. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Heat sugar and other sugary foods until they turn brown. This will give rise to a distinctive flavor. (in Cooking Dictionary)

This is the process by which natural sugars are browned while being cooked. It is done at a low heat, usually between medium and low. You can speed up caramelization by adding a bit of sugar. Be careful to not burn. (in Cooking Dictionary)

It can be made into brown syrup. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Cook (food) with sugar until it becomes brown syrup. (in Merlin Dictionary)