Cancer, multiple myeloma means: Multiple myeloma, cancer: This is a bone marrow disease that affects a specific type of white blood cells called plasma or myeloma cells. Myeloma tumor cells can either form one collection of plasmacytoma, or multiple tumors multiple myeloma. Plasma cells make antibodies and are part of our immune system. Myeloma patients are more likely to have the same plasma cells than others, so they may have too many of the one kind of antibody. Myeloma cells multiply, weakening and damaging bones. This can lead to pain and fractures. Too much calcium can be released into the blood when bones become damaged. This causes loss of appetite and fatigue as well as nausea, vomiting, tiredness, fatigue, weakness in muscles, restlessness, confusion, and muscle weakness. Multiple myeloma patients may have difficulty fighting infections because multiple myeloma cells stop the bone marrow forming normal plasma cells. Anemia can be caused by myeloma cells that prevent new blood cells from growing in the marrow. The kidneys may not be able to filter and clean the blood correctly if there are too many calcium and antibody proteins. The primary treatment options are chemotherapy and bone marrow donation. Also called plasma cell myeloma or myeloma.
(in Medical Dictionary)