calcium means: Calcium is a vital mineral that can be found in dairy products as well as dark green leafy vegetables like kale and turnip greens, and dried beans and peas, as well canned salmon with bones and canned salmon. Nearly 100 percent of our body’s calcium is used to form and maintain bones and teeth. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does calcium mean?

  • It is an alkaline-earth metallic that has a silvery appearance and moderately hard. Fluorite is found in natural limestone and gypsum. Its compounds can be used to create plaster, quicklime and Portland cement as well as metallurgic or electronic materials. Atomic number 20, melting point at 842degC, boiling point at 1,484degC and specific gravity of 1.54; valence 2. cross-reference : Periodic Table . (in Merlin Dictionary)