butterfly means: Split food like shrimp and pork chops in the middle, without cutting through. Then spread the open side down as a butterfly or book. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does butterfly mean?

A variety of insects belonging to the Lepidoptera order. They have four large, often colorful wings and are distinguished from moths by their slim bodies and knobbed antennae. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Person who is primarily interested in frivolous pleasure. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Swimming stroke where a swimmer lies face-down and raises both his arms out of the water. He or she then thrusts them forward and pulls them under the water. (in Merlin Dictionary)

This stroke can be used to identify a race, leg or race. (in Merlin Dictionary)

An uneasy feeling or mild nausea that is caused by fearful anticipation. (in Merlin Dictionary)

As shrimp, to cut open and lay flat. (in Merlin Dictionary)