brown sugar means: Simply white sugar mixed with molasses is brown sugar. Light brown sugar is more molasses-rich than dark brown sugar. Two tablespoons of molasses can be added to brown sugar to make it look like it. Molasses is more concentrated in dark brown sugar than it is in light brown sugar. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does brown sugar mean?

Molasses and white sugar are combined to make this soft refined sugar. (in Cooking Dictionary)

A molasses syrup containing sugar crystals with natural color and flavor. You can make brown sugar crystals by boiling special molasses syrup to form them, and then drying the crystals in a centrifugal until they are dry. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Sugar that has not been refined or partially refined and still contains molasses. This gives the sugar a brownish hue. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Molasses is added to white sugar in order to create a commercial product. (in Merlin Dictionary)