bread means: A mixture of flour and breadcrumbs to coat food before it is cooked or fried, often to make it crunchy. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does bread mean?

Use crumbs to cover breadcrumbs or other foods; then coat the food with crumbs and then add diluted milk or egg. Finally, coat again with crumbs. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Baking foods made from flour, water and salt, with yeast added to the dough. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Before cooking, coat your food with flour or cracker crumbs. (in Cooking Dictionary)

This staple food is made of flour, meal, and other liquid ingredients. It’s usually combined with leavening agents and then kneaded and formed into loaves and baked. (in Merlin Dictionary)

In general food is considered essential for maintaining life. (in Merlin Dictionary)

A food that provides nourishment. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Support; means of livelihood. (in Merlin Dictionary)

As before, coat in breadcrumbs. (in Merlin Dictionary)