Bethsaida means in the bible: The house of the fish or the house of the fisherman. There are probably two locations of the same name that are mentioned in New Testament. This older city, located at the Sea of Galilee’s northeastern end, was near Capernaum and home to Peter, Andrew and Philip John 1;44, 12:21. Philip the Tetrarch, who was building his capital, built Bethsaida–Julias after Julia, the daughter of Caesar Augustus. It was located north of the old city, and probably nearer to the spot where Jesus healed the blind Mark 8:22 and fed the 5,000 Mark 6.45; Luke 9.10. Matt. Luke 11:21, Luke 10:13. He likely referred to Philip, the pagan capital of Philip, and not the older, largely fishermen-settled city on the shores of the lake.
(in Bible Dictionary)