balsamic vinegar means: Vinegar made with Trebbiano grape juice. After the juice has been heated, it is aged in wood barrels to evaporate and concentrate its flavor. It is a deep, rich brown vinegar with sweet and sour flavors. Balsamic vinegars that have been aged well can be very expensive, with some being as high as 200 dollars an ounce. The majority of balsamic vinaigrs you will find in the US is not an “aceto balsamico traditione”, but rather an aged balsamic. Although these vinegars are lacking in flavor and body, they have an unusual sweet-sour flavor. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does balsamic vinegar mean?

It is made of white Trebbiano grape wine. This vinegar has dark colors and a pungent sweetness due to its aging in wood barrels. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Modena’s aromatic vinegar is made of white Trebbiano grape wine. It has been heated for many years and then aged in wood barrels. (in Merlin Dictionary)

You can use any of the many similar vinegars. (in Merlin Dictionary)