bake means: Cook in an oven, oven-type device. You can use covered or uncovered containers. Roasting is a method that can be applied to meats stored in covered containers. The most common oven temperatures range from 250 to 2750F to Moderate oven350 to 3250F to Hot Oven450 to 4250F to Very Hot Oven5000 to 5250F. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does bake mean?

Cook in an oven that uses dry heat and at a certain temperature. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Dry heat is best for cooking, particularly in the oven. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Cook in the oven. Although roasting and baking are often used interchangeably, they actually have different meanings. To brown quickly the foods, roasting is a way to cook them at higher temperatures. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Dry heat is used to cook food, particularly in the oven. (in Merlin Dictionary)

A heat treatment that causes something to harden, or dry out. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Dry heat is used to cook foods (in Merlin Dictionary)

A condition that has been exposed to heat from an oven. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Baking is the act of or procedure of baking. (in Merlin Dictionary)

An event where food is prepared by baking, and then served. (in Merlin Dictionary)