Bacterial vaginosis means: Bacterial Vaginosis is a vaginal condition that causes abnormal vaginal discharge. This occurs when normal bacteria has overgrown in the vagina. The normal population of vaginal bacteria in women with bacterial viginis is lower than that found in the general population. Vaginal discharge, sometimes with a fishy smell, are two symptoms of bacterial vignaisis. Unusual vaginal cells, also known as a “clue cell”, are a microscopic sign that bacterial vaginosis has occurred. There are two options for treatment: vaginal gels or oral antibiotics. Bacterial Vaginosis may cause premature labor, delivery and infection of the amniotic liquid and the uterus. It is possible to screen for and treat bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy.
(in Medical Dictionary)

What else does Bacterial vaginosis mean?

A change in the balance between naturally occurring and disease-causing bacteria can cause vaginal infections.

Gardnerella vaginalis,

To predominate.
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