artichoke means: Three unrelated plants share the same name: Jerusalem artichoke (globe artichoke), globe artichoke (China or Japanese) and Jerusalem artichoke (Jerusalem artichoke). The true artichoke has been cultivated in California’s Mid-coastal area. The bud is a large, tough-looking plant of the thistle family. It is the most edible portion of the leaf, with the tender heart and base. These edible portions are readily available all year, but they peak in March and May. You can buy deep-green, large-for-theirs-size artichokes that have tight leaf structures. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does artichoke mean?

Mediterranean thetle-like plants (Cynara scolymus) In the composite family having large, discoid heads with bluish flowers and pinnately split leaves. (in Merlin Dictionary)

This plant’s edible and immature flower heads are edible. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Jerusalem artichoke (in Merlin Dictionary)