arrowhead means: The ferns look much like asparagus, and they have an artichoke-like flavor. Like other vegetables, arrowhead Ferns can collapse when they are cooked. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does arrowhead mean?

A pointed tip that strikes the arrow. Usually a wedge-shaped, knapped stone, or fitted metal cap. (in Merlin Dictionary)

A directional marking on a sign, drawing or other document that has the form of an arrowhead. (in Merlin Dictionary)

One of many aquatic and wetland perennials of the genus Sagittaria, With arrowhead-shaped, panicles of unisexual white flowers and panicles of arrowhead-shaped leaflets. (in Merlin Dictionary)

There are many edible tubers Sagittaria Particularly species S. sagittifolia Eurasia S. latifolia North America (in Merlin Dictionary)