A bib is a piece of clothing worn around the neck to protect clothing from spills and stains. It is commonly used by babies and young children, but bibs can also be worn by adults in various settings.

Types of Bibs

  • Traditional bibs: These are typically made of fabric and have a loop or tie around the neck.
  • Silicone bibs: These are easy to clean and are often used for messy eaters.
  • Disposable bibs: These are convenient for on-the-go parents and caregivers.

Benefits of Bibs

Bibs help keep clothing clean and free from stains, saving time and effort on laundry. They also protect the skin from irritation caused by food spills and drool. Bibs can also serve as a fashion accessory or a way to show team spirit.

Case Studies

According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, using a bib can help prevent food allergies in infants by reducing exposure to potential allergens. Another case study showed that elderly patients in nursing homes who wore bibs experienced fewer clothing changes due to spills and stains.


Research from the National Retail Federation found that 80% of parents use bibs for their babies and toddlers. This shows the widespread adoption of bibs as a practical solution for keeping clothing clean and tidy.